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The average wedding cost in the United States for 2017 was $25,764. Couples, on average, spend between $19,323 and $32,205.* However, the average honeymoon will cost 14 percent of the wedding budget!** There is a marked increase in Destination Weddings. With 50% of couples spending less than $15,000* on their wedding, perhaps it is because these couples chose a Destination Wedding!

Regardless of your budget, most Destination Wedding couples will spend significantly less than their traditional wedding counterparts. Consider that a Destination Wedding is not just your wedding! It is your bachelor and bachelorette parties, your rehearsal dinner, family vacations, and your honeymoon – for a single expense!

Working with our expert planners can help you decide if a Destination Wedding fits your dreams and your budget!

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Why use a travel agent to plan my vacation, destination wedding or honeymoon?

Yes, you can book online.

Travel agents are travel industry insiders. We live travel every day.

All those little odds and ends, we’ve already thought of, so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

Travel agents can help you decide between locations and properties based on your interests and expectations. They can help you get the best value for your honey moon budget. We know the tips and tricks to make it a once in a lifetime trip that you want to have over and over again.

More importantly, they take the stress of planning your honeymoon away. So, you can focus on your special day.

We are familiar with which properties are more LGBTQI friendly. Which properties offer more perks for romance packages and which locations are running specials. This is what we do.

We give everything a special touch. We are your advocate. 

We want you to have a wonderful honeymoon, family moon, babymoon, etc. So, we’re going to do everything in our power to make that happen.


You have planned your wedding, and now you realize it’s time to plan the HONEYMOON!

Let us take the stress off you! 

Concentrate on your Big Day, and we will concentrate on your honeymoon details! 

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Our Honeymoon Planning Services include:

  • Discussions with you to learn about your styles, dreams, ideas
  • We will personally recommend destinations that match your style and dreams (if you don’t already have your heart set on one!)
  • Direct contact information with our experts before, during & after travel!
  • Access to tailored packages and special VIP add-ons
  • Complete destination information, including excursions and tours, to complete your “must do” Honeymoon list
  • ​Easy payment plans to spread the budget out over time


“Honeymoons” are not reserved for newly wedded couples anymore! The traditional Honeymoon is often less attractive for the modern couple who are balancing work schedules alongside a wedding-activity schedule. In many modern cases, couples are also balancing their children, and all their activities!

Consider these honeymoon alternatives:


Spend a few days relaxing with your beloved BEFORE you pop the question! Enjoy a relaxing vacation before the schedules and stresses of wedding planning kick in. A romantic pre-engagement option for those who dare to be different!


Depending on the time of year of your wedding, many couples are opting for a pre-wedding escape. Spend a few days reconnecting as a couple. (If you haven’t visited our wedding planning page, click over here!) Give yourself a break from the stress of wedding planning and take a short breather before your Big Day! This alternative is closely related to:


Spend your first vacation as a blended family vacation celebrate your bonds! Also closely related to:


Group travel is an economical option for couples to honeymoon or vacation with extended family and friends-that-are-like-family. While a traditional intimate honeymoon may start the couple’s trip, many opt to have friends or family join them for all or part of their getaway so the wedding celebrations can be extended for as long as you wish! If this is a consideration, visit out Group Travel here. It’s is a very economical alternative!


A "mini moon" is a short honeymoon taken immediately after the wedding. Couples who take mini moons may opt to do a longer trip at another date.


Also known as a "deferred honeymoon". For couples who could not take a traditional honeymoon (schedules, budgets, etc.) or for those who want to rekindle, reconnect, and rejuvenate their long relationship.


Maybe you planned a LaterMoon, and now you find yourself expecting a Little! Don’t let that deter you! There are many safe destinations for expectant mothers! Our experts can help you have that trip-of-a-lifetime you always wanted before the Little arrives!